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General Education Center
Welcome to NUK General Education Center


Future Outlook
  • Integrating Resources

The purpose of General Education is to prepare students to be good citizens with high moral and intellectual foundations. Therefore, the Center will incorporate all resources within the University to enhance General Education course planning and execution.


  • Course Planning and Societal Needs

The course structure used in most universities and colleges is based on a “Core Curriculum” and “Elective Curriculum”. The “Core Curriculum” is actually the General Education’s fundamental belief and direction. The “Elective Curriculum” enhances students knowledge beyond their specialized concentration.

The General Education curriculum at the University currently includes English as a required course. In addition, students choose at least one course from the following three areas: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences and Technology.

Based on the University’s academic structure and faculty resources, the Center plans to divide the General Education courses into “Basic Courses” and “Advanced Courses” to be more in line with students’ needs and develop their academic and intellectual skills.