General Education aims at helping the compete development of students’ personality and equipping them contemporary general knowledge, which is beyond/ above professional training including the well understanding of human matters and the sense of cultural and aesthetics stuffs. These principles therefore have been followed as basic rules for management by our general education center.

Our General Education Center, which was set in August 2003 and regarded as an academic unit correspond to a college, with Human Education, Social Science, Technology Education, and Kinesiology, Health and Leisure Studies, is built to draw up and carry out our general education programs and other related issues according to the policy of Ministry of Education as well as our development direction. At the same time, we cooperate with Chinese Association for General Education and Strategic Alliance for General Education in South Taiwan Universities dealing with related teaching and research stuffs to promote resource sharing and general education quality.


  • Customize general education programs for students
  • Equip students with basic skills and humanities modern people should get
  • Foster students’ cross-field knowledge and sustainable competency